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Just arrived in New Empire City ECity (eng) 1. New Empire City (NEC), First Atlantic Autonomous Economic Zone; 2. island of Manhattan as differentiated from the outer boroughs. Bear in mind that the loss of legal rights to the name “NYC” in litigation with the State of New York still rankles with older residents. Also note using the word “New” will quickly mark you as a tourist. ?

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crownward crownward (eng) Manhattan’s mid-island elevations. While friends back home may want to hear about the famous brimside plashes, upscale neighborhoods still have much to offer by way of fine dining and museum collections. and brimside brimside (eng) coastal Manhattan, especially neighborhoods subject to flooding (see “plash”).
districts in the MadHat

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turfs and meetup spots
around Low plash plash (eng) low income, coastal neighborhood prone to flooding. “Slumming” was coined right here in ECity, but don’t settle for a package tour, hire a reliable street guide from amongst the local “plashers.”

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